Mid-City Truck Driving Academy

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4 Week
CDL Program

The course is constructed of 160 hours. Those hours are divided into 40 hours of classroom, 80 lab time, 20 hours skills, and 20 hours of road.

This program is designed to provide students, with previous trucking experience necessary knowledge and skills to pass CDL examination. Upon completions students are able to enter the trucking industry.

5 Week
CDL Program

The course is constructed of 200 hours. Those hours are divided into 50 hours of classroom, 100 hours lab time, 25 hours skills, and 25 hours of road or 5 weeks.

The purpose of the 5 week program is to provide students with the proper handling of a semi-tractor trailer. Students will train in various traffic environments, including local traffic and highway driving. This program includes everything the 4 week program provides and is dedicated for people with some knowledge of using manual transmissions.

6 Week
CDL Program

This course is constructed of 240 hours. Those hours are divided into 60 hours of classroom, 120 hours of lab time, 30 hour skills, and 30 hours of road or 6 weeks.

This program provides detailed training in all aspects of handling a combination vehicle. It contains a variety of training objectives to ensure those who want to take advantage of the most highly paid section of the trucking industry. This program includes everything offered in the 4 & 5 week programs and is recommended for people with no experience in using a manual transmission. People looking to upgrade their skills in truck driving may benefit from this program. This program offers comprehensive training which will make it easier to enter the trucking industry.

8 Week
CDL Program

Please, see our CDL Consultant about this program.

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UPGRADE / ENDORSEMENTS - Contact office.

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BRUSH UP / REFRESHER - Contact office.

Each program will be ending with School's CDL Examination. Upon completion training and passing School's Examination student will receive CDL Competition Certificate which allows him/her to take Official CDL Examination conducted by Illinois Secretary of State Officials or Assigned Agents.

Upon passing examination student will receive Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with proper classification and proper endorsements.

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